Find out where scientists live and work in the Arctic.

The UK Arctic Research Station in Svalbard is home to the XL Catlin Arctic Live team during their time in the Arctic. The station is the low red building beneath the sun and sits on the northern side of the science settlement of Ny Alesund, the northernmost permanent settlement in the world.

The settlement was founded in 1916, to support coal mining in the area. Mining continued sporadically until an accident in 1962, caused all mining operations to be terminated.

From 1968, Ny Alesund was repurposed as a science settlement with eleven nations having permanent stations.

The UK Arctic research station is operated by the British Antarctic Survey and can house up to six researchers.

The station contains lab space, a living area (for rare relaxation), offices, store rooms, hot showers (very welcome) and bedrooms.

Opposite the station is the Kongsfjord Buttiken. The Kongsfjorden Buttiken is the northernmost shop in the world. It is open for two hours each week, to coincide with the incoming flights. The shop sells some basic essentials, snacks and drinks as well as a selection of gifts and books.

The laboratory space at the UK Arctic Research Station is where scientists can start the analysis of the research they are doing.

This might be melting and filtering ice and snow samples or in the case of this expedition, examining the data gathered by the 3D laser scanner. Ongoing analysis is important as it allows the scientists to adjust their techniques while they are in the Arctic.

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