Quick start

All you need to access the 360 degree media on this microsite is a compatible device and good internet connection, preferably WiFi rather than mobile data.

You can view the microsite on a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device, although it has been designed to work best on a smartphone.

The XL Catlin Oceans Education 360VR microsite will work with most up-to-date Android and iOS smartphones.

Compatible Android smartphones:
- Running Android version 4.4 or higher
- Latest version of Chrome browser for Android
- Inbuilt gyroscope so that the photo or video moves with the phone’s movement

Compatible iPhones:
- iPhone 5/5S and newer
- Running iOS version 8 or higher
- Latest version of Chrome or Safari browser for iOS

To view 360 media:

1. Open the XL Catlin Oceans Education 360VR website http://360vr.oceanseducation.com using a suitable smartphone and browser.

2. Select either Frozen Oceans or Coral Oceans 360VR stories and then choose one of the stories from the list.

3. The photos or video previews will move as you move your device around and you can explore these environments in full 360 degrees.

4. View the photos or videos in fullscreen mode by pressing the full-screen icon in the bottom right.

5. You can also use your smartphone with a virtual reality viewer. Click on the goggle icon on the photo or video and place your smartphone into your virtual reality viewer following the viewer’s instructions.

6. Lift to eyes and experience a new world!

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