AXA Oceans Education brings the oceans to your classroom

With 72% of the earth covered by ocean, we’re more Planet Ocean than Planet Earth. The AXA Oceans Education is an education programme which delves into this part of our world, providing free classroom resources for UK and international schools, educational events and workshops.

The oceans feature more prominently in the UK National Curriculum from 2014 underlining their undeniable importance to our future. Our approach has been to identify areas of the curriculum where oceans case studies and examples are appropriate, meaning that you can teach the topics you have always taught and introduce your classes to the oceans at the same time.

And why, you might ask? We most definitely need to understand and explore this large unknown, as:

  • 72% of the planet’s surface is covered by oceans
  • They provide 50% of the oxygen that we breathe
  • 94% of all life is aquatic
  • The oceans provide at least 95% of the living space on the planet
  • They are the #1 source of protein for over 1 billion people
  • 90% of big fish such as tuna, swordfish and sharks have gone
  • Ocean acidity has increased by 30% since 1750

Some achievements since AXA Oceans Education launched in autumn 2011:

  • Resources: produced 8 curriculum booklets for Geography and Science education in the UK, and an International version, comprising 46 lesson plans as well as 236 activity sheets and supporting resources; multimedia web app containing 70+ short films and 250+ photos
  • Reach: almost 13,000 resources distributed to over 4,000 schools (including 20% of all UK secondary schools); 50 teachers have been trained nationally through weekend courses run by scientists and educators; through cascade workshops this has reached over 350 teachers
  • International reach: 1,000 copies printed for schools globally; the resources also used in Portugal and Sweden by university education departments as a case study on oceans education
  • Impact: 89% of those using the resources agree that it has enhanced their pupils’ understanding of oceans topics and has improved engagement; 63% say it has enhanced pupil attainment; 83% of teachers found that the programme made it easy for them to teach and 89% found that it enhanced their teaching
  • Awards: winner of the Geographical Association’s Silver; finalist at the Education Resource Awards 2012 for the Best Secondary Resource with ICT; and central to Digital Explorer being recognised as one of the leading 100 Social Tech organisations in the world by the Nominet Trust
  • Press: featured in Geographical Association Magazine, Times Educational Supplement, Association for Science Educators magazine and numerous educational blogs
  • Website: 22,000+ users from 85 countries with 120,000+ page views
  • Academic partners: Global Change Institute (Queensland), Plymouth Marine Laboratory,  University of Exeter and University of Queensland.

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