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Arctic Live 2015

Image credit: Nick Cox/British Antarctic Survey

In May 2015, Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop travelled to the UK Arctic Research Station on Svalbard for Arctic Live! an interactive education event sponsored by XL Catlin. Students had the unique opportunity to link up live with Jamie to see for themselves the mountains and vast, snowy landscape of the Arctic and ask anything they wanted from ‘have you seen a polar bear?’ to in-depth questions about climate change and the impact of human activities on the Arctic. Classes were also able to connect with Polar scientists Dr. Helen Findlay, Dr. Ceri Lewis and Dr. Markus Findlay to find out what it’s like to work in such an extreme environment.

How did schools take part?

Using Skype in the classroom, schools were able to bring Svalbard live to their classroom and ask questions relating to this amazing environment. In America, NBC’s Today Show featured Skype in the classroom and #ArcticLive to demonstrate how the platform engages classes with the world, you can watch the segment here.

Schools could also sign up to receive daily updates from Jamie, bringing engaging content such as photographs and 360° photospheres to classes every morning. Additionally, Digital Explorer’s social media platforms allowed students and teachers to view the latest updates including expedition videos and photos and take part in Twitter Q&A sessions. In all, over 70 live lessons directly engaged a student audience of 4,000+ globally, whilst #ArcticLive social media posts had an online reach of over 2 million.


Who took part?

Accompanying Resources

The Arctic Live! education event’s accompanying Frozen Oceans classroom resources allows an innovative and engaging approach to educating young people.

Do take a look at the Frozen Oceans resources which are free to download and include booklets with structured lesson plans, activity and experiment sheets, posters and other related resources for both primary and secondary schools.


Access Frozen Oceans Resources

You can also use the interactive [DE] Media Zone to view videos and images from the expedition. The web app can be used in conjunction with the resources to provide an interactive learning experience.

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