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Arctic Live! 2017

Arctic Live is the annual education event that connects classrooms globally with members of an Arctic expedition based at the UK Arctic Research Station in Ny-Ålesund, the most northerly permanent settlement in the world.

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Between 7-16 March 2017 Digital Explorer and XL Catlin Oceans Education team will offer students the exciting opportunity to connect live with a team from the British Antarctic Survey based on Svalbard. Classes can also connect with Polar scientists in the UK to learn about what it’s like to work in extreme environments.

To participate, book a free one-to-one Skype lesson (limited availability) or register for a daily YouTube Live broadcast.

Along with the award-winning Frozen Oceans resources, it creates a unique and engaging experience that will ignite students’ passion for science and the environment.

Lessons are suitable for students aged 7 to 16 and we recommend a minimum class size of 30 students, so you can always team up with other classes in your school.

This year brings new features and exciting activities

To fully enjoy this experience, make sure you download the free digital pack for teachers (coming soon). It will include a step-by-step guide with activities linked to 360° photospheres and multimedia, instructions on how to connect via Skype or Youtube. It will also feature Kahoot quizzes that will get the whole class excited and guidance on how to best prepare before the live lessons.

Download our free resources

Come and join our amazing journey and let others know about it! You can use the hashtag #ArcticLive and mention @de_updates in your social media posting.

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