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Arctic Live 2017

Between 7-16 March 2017 over 10,000 young people of all ages from five continents participated in the XL Catlin Arctic Live event. This was an exciting learning experience connecting schools in 19 countries with members of an expedition team based at the UK Arctic Research Station managed by the British Antarctic Survey.

Now in its fourth year, Arctic Live uses the latest communications technology and inspiring education resources to help children get a closer look at this fragile environment and meet the scientists researching vital data on environmental change.

Louis Stone class, UK

“I have always wanted to see a real-life explorer. I would like to be one“, said a 6-year-old from the Recreation Road Infant School in Norwich after a Skype video meeting with Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop.

From the comfort of their classrooms, students interacted via 115 one-to-one Skype calls and 10 YouTube live broadcasts with the expedition team in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, the most northerly permanent settlement in the world.

This year’s Arctic-based team included Digital Explorer’s Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop and British Antarctic Survey paleoecologist Bianca Perren. The team answered dozens of questions from ‘How many polar bears have you seen?’ to ‘What evidence of climate change have you experienced there?’.

Spain class ArcticLive
Classes also connected with polar scientists and explorers based in the UK and Norway and learned about what it’s like to work in extreme environments.

“We are not always aware of these problems and it is important to consider them. Learning directly from a researcher is a fascinating experience. She has encouraged us so much!”, said a high school student from Estudio School in Madrid. His class connected with Dr Ceri Lewis, an experienced marine biologist at the University of Exeter researching how environmental change and pollution affects marine animals.

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This year’s event came with new features and exciting activities

Along with the award-winning Frozen Oceans resources, the event aims to ignite students’ passion for science and the environment.

To continue the journey, download the free digital pack for teachers. It features activities linked to 360° photospheres and videos, Google Expeditions and two Kahoot quizzes that can get the whole class excited:

  • Can I become an Arctic Explorer? – Kahoot quiz for beginner level (under 11s)
  • Can I become an Arctic Explorer? – Kahoot quiz for advanced level (11+)
  • Download our free resources

    If you participated, let us know what your class thought about it! You can use the hashtag #ArcticLive and mention @de_updates in your social media posting.

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