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XL Catlin Arctic Live 2018


Running for a fifth year, XL Catlin Arctic Live is the northernmost live education stream that connects classrooms globally to members of the UK science expedition team based at the UK Arctic Research Station in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.

This live education event is designed to ignite students’ curiosity for extreme environments; develop their scientific literacy and skills; point them toward STEM careers; inspire their environmental stewardship.

Classes can take part by booking into any of the 30-age differentiated YouTube Live broadcasts which include:

  • Live investigations: These are practical activities guided by the expedition team. They can be replicated in the classroom simultaneously. Topics include: Arctic food webs, insulation materials, ocean acidification, microplastics ice core sampling and sea level rise.
  • Interviews with the science and polar expedition team members: Students can ask researchers and explorers about their work and lives. To increase a chance to get questions answered please submit them by the end of April.
  • Open Q&A: Classes can speak to polar educationalist, Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, about life and science in the Arctic. To increase a chance to get questions answered please submit them by the end of April

For best user experience, download the step-by-step XL Catlin Arctic Live guidance. It includes lesson ideas, use of edtech tools and class preps for live-links.

Click on the schedule and fill in the form below to choose your preferred slot. Please be aware of the time zones (BST – British Summer Time is UTC+1, EDT – Eastern Standard Time is UTC-4). You can use the timezone converter to make sure you register for the right slot.


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