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Coral Live 2017

XL Catlin Coral Live is a unique interactive encounter with marine scientists and explorers live from field research in Bermuda. Supported by XL Catlin as part of the award-winning Oceans Education programme, the event connected 10,000 students and teachers from 30 countries with a fascinating habitat and the people striving to conserve it.

Between 30 October and 10 November, Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Digital Explorer’s Director engaged education communities worldwide in the global conversation about coral science and our impact on this fragile environment. Guest speakers were top marine scientists and explorers from Bermuda and across the globe.

Participants joined us via 85 one-to-one video encounters on Skype and Hangouts Meet, as well as 12 YouTube Live broadcasts.
Bernard McNerney-Lawrence Primary School in London

“It was quite thought-provoking for my students, especially about how their actions here in London can impact on the amount of pollution that ends up affecting sea life. Many of them wanted to plant trees to clean the air.”, said Bernard McNerney, teacher at the Lawrence Primary School in London.


“The conversation really surprised me; it pushed some of my students to ask some really thoughtful questions and opened up their minds to scientific research that they had not considered.”, said Joanne Foad, teacher at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales, after a live-link with Dr. Jamie Stevens, evolutionary biologist at the University of Exeter.

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Comments from the class of Vasilios Varvarigos, teacher at the Avgoulea-Linardatou School in Greece

Watch the playbacks with guest speakers

  • Monday 30 Oct (0900 EDT / 1300 GMT): Dr. Samantha de Putron, Marine Biologist and Ecologist, BIOS
    Monday 30 Oct (1230 EDT / 1630 GMT): Chris Flook, BIOS
  • Tuesday 31 Oct (0900 EDT / 1300 GMT): Kaitlin Noyes, Director of Ocean Academy, BIOS
  • Tuesday 31 Oct (1230 EDT / 1630 GMT): Tim Noyes, Director of Ocean Academy and Danielle Becker, teaching assistant and researcher, BIOS
  • Thursday 2 Nov (1200 EDT / 1600 GMT): Dr. Alexandra Amat, Oceanographer, BAMZ
  • Friday 3 Nov (1200 EDT / 1600 GMT): Live from Trunk Island with Choy Aming, Oceanographer, BAMZ
  • Monday 6 Nov (0900 EST / 1400 GMT): Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Digital Explorer’s Director
  • Monday 6 Nov (1230 EST / 1730 GMT): Dr. Robbie Smith, Curator of the Natural History Museum, BAMZ
  • Tuesday 7 Nov (0900 EST / 1400 GMT): Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop
  • Tuesday 7 Nov (1230 EST / 1730 GMT): Winston Godwin, Aquarist, BAMZ
  • Thursday 9 Nov (1230 EST / 1730 GMT): Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, underwater livestream
  • Friday 10 Nov (1230 EST / 1730 GMT): Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, underwater livestream
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